About ICVS/3B's

The ICVS/3B's Associate Laboratory (AL) centers its activities in the Health Sciences, namely in Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, and in Engineering/Materials Science and Biomaterials. This interface Health-Sciences/Technologies fosters the advance of knowledge in mechanisms of disease and promotes the generation of value through the development of innovative products and services, resulting from internationally highly competitive research.

The ICVS/3B's was created in 2011 and results from a partnership established over the years between two research groups previously evaluated with the top rank by the FCT in the last two evaluation exercises (2003, 2007) - the ICVS and the 3B's groups:

The ICVS/3B's, in collaboration with companies and research partners, aims to develop new technologies, therapies and medical products for vaccination, diagnosis, regenerative medicine, minimally invasive therapeutic procedures, personalized treatments and nanomedicine. The ICVS/3Bs has the potential to cross the complete development pipeline, from the more fundamental in vitro research, testing in animal models and pre-clinical validation, to the clinical trial phase, transposing to the market innovative therapeutic solutions.

Organogram ICVS/3B's

Please refer to the ICVS/3B's organogram for a better understanding of the structure.


Results of Funded Projects